DAE Gamejam 2013: Shortcuts (Unity)


A game made during the DAE gamejam 2013 organized by Howest for the Digital Arts and Entertainment students. The project took 3 days to complete from concept to final result.

The team: Ann-Sophie Dewaele (Art), Toon Diels (Art/animation), Tom Delboo(Art) and myself(Programming/Scripting),

This game won first place during the competition. Core gameplay involves using shortcuts like copy, paste, delete, etc.. to progress in the Tim Burtonesque dreamworld of the artist/gamedev student.

The game was entirely made using the Unity engine (4.1.0 free version), 3d Studio Max and Photoshop.

Quick Overview


  • Gameplay design
  • Programming/scripting


  • Unity (4.1.0 free version)