Phase (Unity)


Phase is a student project made with Unity 4.3, free version.
Play as a recon droid sent out deep beneath the planet’s surface to investigate what happened to a team of missing archeologist and scientist who were investigating a set of other wordly artefacts.
Traverse the environment usng both platforming skills and your wits to overcome the obstacles along your adventure. Influence your environment using the power of color and light and how they interact with these alien artefacts.
This project was created during the course of 12 weeks, while also taking part in other courses during that time at Digital Arts and Entertainment.
Bear in mind that this is to be seen as a vertical slice of a game.
A big challenge was getting the light mechanics and environment to work together without having access to real time lighting.

The team consisted of 5 people:

Quick Overview


  • Gameplay and mechanics design
  • Level design, blockout and scripting
  • Level dressing and lighting (level 03)
  • Programming/scripting


  • Unity (4.3 free version)