DirectX10 Graphics Programming


Final assignment for the Graphics Programming course at Digital Arts and Entertainment. This is made using an engine that was constructed on top of a base framework over the course of a semester. The original framework was provided by the teachers and made using techniques and skills acquired during the previous semester.

The game is based on a prototype game I made using unity. However, the main goal of this project was to get familiar with graphics programming techniques (DirectX, PhysX, Shader implementation, …)
Defend your structures for as long as possible from the invading ships
Destroyed enemy ships have a chance to drop resources. These resources can be used to fire barrages of homing projectiles or deploy turrets.
The white cubes can be pushed around using the ships forcefield ability and can be used to destroy hostiles.

The cyber ocean in the background is made using a geometry shader. More details can be found here.

Quick Overview


  • Character controller
  • NDC culling
  • PhysX implementation
    • Ray Tracing
    • Forcefields
    • Picking
  • Gameplay programming
  • Const correct
  • Particle system implementation
  • Custom shader implementations
  • Post Processing
    • SSAO
    • Bloom
  • Skinned animations
  • Saving and Loading of the current gamestate


  • Overlord Engine


  • C++
  • HLSL